Is this a Taoist story blog?

Is it a Buddhist parable blog?

Or is it a Confucian anecdote blog?

It is all three at once…and much, much more!!!



The Chinese Cauldron is created with the intention of becoming an archive of carefully selected Chinese tales, fables and parables. Together with the stories themselves are commentaries in order to help you, the readers, dive deeper into the meaning behind the stories.

The purpose of this website is to:-

  • Bridge the ever-present gap between Eastern and Western mindsets;
  • Bring greater understanding and appreciation of the Chinese culture; and
  • (last but not least) entertain the readers with these little gems of wisdom.

We also hope to bring about further understanding of other Asian cultures to some extent, especially of countries which has been heavily influenced by the Chinese culture such as Japan and Korea.

We hope these tales – like candlesticks bringing light into the dark expanse – would bring you, the readers, peace and serenity to the turbulence of our modern-day lives.

In these challenging times, Chinese Cauldron aspires to:-

  • Make Wise for those who must Act;
  • Make Virtuous for those whose Heart Wavers; and
  • Make Peace for those whose soul is disturbed.

How to fully appreciate the Chinese Cauldron?

The Chinese Cauldron is designed to be simply, elegant and friendly. With a clear layout and an easy-to-navigate structure, we wish you an enjoyable reading experience.

To maximize that experience at the, Chinese Cauldron will be arranged in the following way:

  • A story will be posted at Chinese Cauldron at a regular interval.
  • The commentary of the story will also be posted at a regular interval but on the next occasion.
  • This means you, the readers, could take the story away and have the time to explore and contemplate its inner meanings.
  • When you return to Chinese Cauldron on your next occasion, you can read the commentary and compare it with your own understanding. The difference in interpretation is what makes this project so interesting. (You may want to recap on the story first.)
  • You can also, on that next occasion, read the latest tale posted and thus repeat the comprehension process.
  • We hope this would become for you an ongoing chain of reading, contemplation and enlightenment.

Chinese Cauldron begins here humbly with a single story. But even the greatest journey begins with a single step; the mightiest oak from a little acorn. In time, we aspire to grow into an impressive collection.

Visit us regularly and enjoy the Chinese Cauldron stories!